Felix Cat Food Jelly Pouch


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Cats know what they want, especially at mealtimes – that’s why FELIX® wet cat food recipes are made with such high-quality ingredients. Your cat will enjoy an irresistible, nutritionally balanced meal every time he tucks into his delicious Chunks in Jelly! Available in a wide range of fishy and meaty flavors, Chunks in Jelly will satisfy your cat’s love of variety as well as providing him with complete and balanced nutrition.

FELIX® Chunks in Jelly are a classic FELIX® favorite with tasty meaty or fishy chunks in a succulent, moist jelly. There won’t be a minute’s peace until it’s served! Our special cat food in jelly is full of tasty, meaty flavor, but it also contains 100% of the nutrients he needs for his health. As well as all the vitamins and minerals he needs, our delicious Chunks in Jelly recipes contain essential Omega 6 fatty acids – so he’ll always have the nutrition he needs to get up to his usual mischief!

Our cat food in jelly is available in a variety of different recipes, including single-serving Tuna, Beef or Chicken, and a range of multipacks. If your cat loves variety, treat him to Meaty or Fish Selection, Jelly Specialities, or a tasty pack of Meaty Loaf – there’s so much to enjoy!


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