Josera Catelux Cat Food (2 Kg)

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Josera Catelux Cat Food comes with delicious duck and potatoes. Resulting in extra dietary fiber. It is therefore the ideal feed for finicky cats prone to hairball formation.

The dietary fiber counteracts the formation of hairballs. Swallowed hair moves through
the digestive tract. Special fiber assists in moving the hairball. Therefore, Josera Catelux Cat Food is beneficial for long-haired cats. Its valuable fatty acids, vitamins, and trace elements ensure healthy skin and a shiny coat. However, it also encourages a pH-value of 6.0-6.5 to reduce the risk of urinary stone formation

It is composed of poultry protein (dried), poultry 18 %, duck 6 %, maize, poultry fat, greaves, potato starch 10 %, sugar beet pulp, cellulose powder, maize protein, poultry protein (hydrolyzed), poultry liver (dried), minerals, lea seed husks (psyllium).

Main Advantages are:-
URINARY pH 6-6.5

With JOSERA you can be certain: As a German specialist in first-class pet food, we can look back at over 75 years of experience and expertise. Therefore, Your pet’s health, outstanding taste, excellent digestibility, and compatibility have the highest priority in our nutrition for dogs and cats. Moreover, if you decide to feed your pet with our products, you will get pet food with a passion. Find out more.

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