Vitakraft Pro Vita Egg Food


750 Gram Pack

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Vitakraft Pro Vita Egg Food is a diet rich in energy and aging for all birds. The diet contains egg and tasty crustaceans, ideal as a source of high quality protein during the breeding season and when the young grow or as additional support, for example during the molting. The food has been specially developed by veterinarians and contains the exclusive Vita® formula. A combination of high quality omega-3 fatty acids and an optimal balance of essential amino acids. Vitacraft Pro Vita Egg Food helps to have a healthy heart, more activity and a better well-being of all birds. Vita® formula

-It improves digestion by Pro antibiotics and gastric gravel

-immunity stimulated by beta-glucans

-Improved plumage for methionine and cysteine

– Strong bones through the optimal calcium / phosphorus ratio

-Power and feed breeding for all birds

-With high quality protein sources

-With many delicious grains and seeds

-Nutrition is perfectly adapted to the needs of the bird

-With all the important vitamins, minerals and trace elements

-No flavors or preservatives


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